How to tie a headscarf
Here at Hats And we understand that for many of you covering your hair is a recent choice and may not know how to tie a headscarf therefore we have  prepared the following video tutorials demonstrating how to tie a modest head scarf.

This detailed video shows how to tie a long rectangular style headscarf.

This video shows a triangle shaped headscarf. The video shows both the classic way to tie your head scarf with the "tails" hanging down or tying a bun in the back of the headscarf.

This next video shows a square headscarf and is very similar to the previous, showing first a basic tie but rather than a bun it shows what we like to call a "crown" around the headscarf

This next video shows how to tie two headscarves on your head at once. It brings a nice contrast of colors and is very simple to do.